Electronics Toolbox 2019-Electronics Toolkit

Electronics Toolbox 2019-Electronics Toolkit

Electronics Component References, Circuits and Calculations,Electronics Toolkit

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Android 4.0.3+
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App description

Electronic Toolbox is an application about electronics components, it helps perform complex circuit computations, it covers detail information about electronics components and common electronics circuit. You can perform a lot of circuit calculations /computations with the app

It covers common electronics circuit for a project.

Electronics Toolbox covers components like Rectifier Diodes, BJTs, Power BJT, MOSFETs, Signal diodes, TVS etc

App features include:

Detail information about common electronic circuits.

Electronics Circuit Calculator.

Common Electronics Circuit section.

It covers electronics components like

Operational amplifier
555 Timer
Electrolytic capacitor
Light emitting diode
Signal diode
Rectifier diode
Voltage regulators

Here are some calculations you can perform with Electronics toolbox:
you can perform the following calculations with the app

Passive Butterworth filter calculations/design.
Sallen-Key filter calculations design.
555 Timer astable multivibrator.
555 Timer monostable pulse duration.
Resistor color code.
Resistors in series.
Resistors in parallel.
Capacitors in series.
Capacitors in parallel.
Voltage divider.
LCR impedance.
LCR resonance.
Operational amplifier (Inverting,non inverting and difference amplifier).
LED resistor value.
Zener diode voltage regulator.
Inductor winding.
CR filter.
LR filter.
Capacitive reactance.
Inductive reactance.
Bipolar Junction Transistor parameters.
Delta -> Star.
Star -> Delta.
Current divider.
Parallel RLC.
Series RLC.
common circuit calculations.
common circuit details

Common circuit section includes:
Active rectifier circuit.
Band pass filter circuit.
Transistor astable multivibrator circuit.
MOSFET amplifier circuits.
Class A amplifier circuit.
Class B amplifier circuit.
Differential amplifier circuit.
Colpitt Oscillator.
Hartley Oscillator.
Low pass filter.
High pass filter.

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The App will keep improving with each and every update

Changelog / What's New

Added PCB trace width calculation.
Fixed crash in SMD resistor calculation

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