Telugu Speech To Text Converter

Telugu Speech To Text Converter

This application convert what ever you speak in Telugu into Telugu Text.

App details

Android 4.0.3+
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4.4 (89.0%) 585 votes

App description

Want Telugu text without typing then download this application and get work done. Just speak in Telugu language and get all your text.

Use power of your voice and get rid of lengthy typing. What you speak you get by this application.

Features :

✓ Press mic button and speak in Telugu to get Telugu text typed automatically.
✓ You can use these converted Telugu text to share using different application as text message, use it to chat on chatting application.
✓ You can copy the text and use it anywhere you like.
✓ You can use it in many ways like you can tweet in Telugu, draft a text message in Telugu, send message on social websites in Telugu, learn how to write Telugu and many more ways.

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