Lua Studio

Lua Studio

Create Lua code on your device.

App details

Android 4.0+
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4.2 (84.3%) 47 votes

App description

This application allows you create and run Lua code. Check samples for more details.
Save and load files to/from cloud. Long press on file/folder/project gives you more options.
Wide variety of available libraries.

Best with physical keyboard. Use shortcut-keys for:
- save code: ctrl + s
- run code: ctrl + r
- search text in file: ctrl + f
- quick access window: ctrl + w
- exit from code editor: ctrl + e
- select all text: ctrl + a
- copy text: ctrl + c
- cut text: ctrl + x
- paste text: ctrl + v
- undo: ctrl + z
- redo: ctrl + shift + z
Use arrows for changing cursor position and + shift for selecting text.

Changelog / What's New

- minor fixes and improvements
- libraries updated to latest version
- few new samples added, rename old samples if you want keep them
- LUAC compiler included

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