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40 Days Bible Challenge

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Biblezon is pleased to present the 40 Days Biblezon Challenge: How to Read the New Testament in 40 Days. What is this challenge? A deep-dive journey through the entire New Testament. By the end of this challenge, you will have accomplished this and learned a great deal about your faith.

The New Testament is packed with stories, parables, letters, and visions.
In the New Testament, we learn about the life of Jesus Christ. We get an eyewitness account as Jesus uses parables to teach his disciples and us how to live as Christians. We see the early days of the Church after Christ’s Ascension into heaven. The letters of Peter and Paul play a crucial role in the formative days of our church, and they are there for us to consume and learn from.

The app is set up with daily selections of Scripture readings followed by reflections on the selected passages. The RSV Catholic Edition text has been included as a convenient single source for study. The app contains the text of the daily selected readings followed by reflections. Finally, closing each day out is a short prayer.

Ideally, we recommend finding a quiet place to spend a few minutes in prayer and reflection. Read the readings and reflections for each day. After reading each passage and reflection sit in silence. Listen to what God is telling you about what you have just read. Is there something coming to your mind that struck you? Is there a message tugging at your heart?

The lessons from the New Testament are ageless and timeless. They reach across the centuries and guide us even today. Come along with us and countless others who have taken the 40 Days Biblezon Challenge: How to Read the New Testament in 40 Days as we learn and grow in knowledge and love of our faith.


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40 Days Bible Challenge for 2018

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